TD's Now

TD's Now

Ever wonder what happened to the members of True Detectives after the band broke up? Probably not, but if you're interested, here some useless information for you. Also, for those of you who WERE in the band at any point, drop the webmaster a line sometime with your info.

Brian Rhody - (Bass)

Brian currently resides in Florida with his family. He was involved in two bands in FL, but is currently not involved with any music projects. He is the webmaster for

Aldo Noboa - (Guitar, Vocals, Flute)

Aldo migrated to the West Coast and now resides in California, he is currently the lead guitarist in the California based band SNOWBALL.

Brenden "Stymie" Jemison - (Guitar, Vocals)

Brendan is currently devoting his attention to painting and photography. He has been re-discovered in Taos, NM.

You can view his art at:

Dan "Homeslice D" Long - (Visual Media, Guest Vocals)

Dan was the visual assassin for TD's taking all photos, producing stage light/slide shows and occasionally jumping onstage for some guest vocal duties. He currently resides with his family in Philadelphia.

Jeff Taylor - (Vocals, Guitar)

Jeff made an appearance on Jeopardy in 2005. Whereabouts are currently unknown, but we suspect the NJ/NY area.

Mike McCann - (Drums, Percussion)

Mike is currently working with his wife, Barbara, in a band called Barbiana Complex based in the New York City area.

Steve Scavone - (Guitar, Vocals)

Steve had been involved with TDs for a long time as a guest member, stunt guitarist and technical support. He joined as a full member in 1993 replacing Brenden. He is known as Krunch or Kapt. Krunch to his friends. Currently Steve is still in New Jersey still krunching away.

Robert Ferguson - (Bass)

Robert (Flyboy G, aka Ferg) played in two bands after the TDs, then got married and moved to DE. His current musical project is making horse-related parody songs for his niece.

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