The music of True Detectives, while never recorded by a major label, has still had widespread distribution. Self released cassettes passed along by devoted fans, as well as MP3's distributed on the web has spread the music to a wider audience. Here you will find a sampling of TD tunes from some previous releases. We will also feature some live cuts and tracks by members of TD's from their post-TD incarnations.

Feel free to download these as they are royalty-free.

TD tunes, and videos are now available as a Podcast from the iTunes store. Tell your friends to search under podcasts for "True Detectives" or click this link.

True Detectives

Media TitleAlbumFileAlt Format
Una Noche En ArgentinaBasement Tapes download
Blue RoseBasement Tapes download
Weight of The WorldBasement Tapes download
City StarBasement Tapes download
Echo LakeBasement Tapes download
RosalieBasement Tapes download
HypnotizedBasement Tapes download
War DanceBasement Tapes download
BingoBasement Tapes download
Dead (Mighty Mike Mix)Basement Tapes download
Everyday SongBasement Tapes download
G.S.Y.T. (Mighty Mike Mix)Basement Tapes download
ProfessionalsBasement Tapes download
Rena Zager RocksBasement Tapes download
Rose HallBasement Tapes download
Kiss Deal (TDIRWOP early version)CBGB Live 10/1988 download
Rose HallCBGB Live 10/1988 download
Prometheus BoundDobbs Live download
CaliforniaEgo Like a Wig download
DeadEgo Like a Wig download
Garbage StrikeEgo Like a Wig download
Ghost TrainEgo Like a Wig download
JihadEgo Like a Wig download
Pick Dem BonesEgo Like a Wig download
Ratz Eat KatzEgo Like a Wig download
Live Like WolvesEgo Like a Wig download
UnifyEgo Like a Wig download
Walk In LightEgo Like a Wig download
High Horse (Video)JC Dobbs April 1991 download download
Peace Apocalypse (video)JC Dobbs April 1991 download download
Seizen 4 Funk (Video)JC Dobbs April 1991 download download
The Message (Video)JC Dobbs April 1991 download download
Detective StoryLive CBGB 10/16/88 download
Live Like Wolves (Video)N/A download download
Mike Is Alright (alt)N/A download
Pick Dem Bones (Video)N/A download download
G.S.Y.T.Ridge Recordings download
Can't You SeeShantytown download
Remembrance DayShantytown download
Pick Dem BonesShantytown download
Garbage Strike (video)SPHS Battle of The Bands download download
Ratz Eat Katz (video)SPHS Battle of The Bands download download
All In GreenThe Horror download
Final FrontierThe Horror download
High HorseThe Horror download
MadhouseThe Horror download
The MessageThe Horror download
The Message (cut mix)The Horror download
Mike is AlrightThe Horror download
Real GoodThe Horror download
Thane of CawdorThe Horror download
Thane of Cawdor (video)The Horror download
All These ThingsTracks East download
BabylonTracks East download
Doom SayerTracks East download
Prometheus Bound (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
High Horse (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
I Am NothingTracks East download
I Don't Wanna Swim in Your Pool (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
Invisible ManTracks East download
MOI (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
The Message (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
Mike Is Alright (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
My House (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
Peace-ApocolypseTracks East download
Rosalie (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
Seizen 4 Funk (TDs 2.0)Tracks East download
You Get PaidTracks East download
Baked BeansTribal Death download
Fortunate SonTribal Death download
I Don't Wanna Swim in Your PoolTribal Death download
My HouseTribal Death download
My House (Mighty Mike Mix)Tribal Death download
N.R.D. 3Tribal Death download
PatriotismTribal Death download
TD's Intensely Relaxin' While Others PanicTribal Death download
Violent FruitTribal Death download
World DanceTribal Death download

INOUT (Brian Rhody - TD's Bass)

Media TitleAlbumFileAlt Format
By WayINOUT download
Happy SongINOUT download
MadnessINOUT download
PatheticismINOUT download
ResignationINOUT download

Barbiana Complex (Mike McCann - TD's Drummer)

Media TitleAlbumFileAlt Format
Professor and MaryannBarbiana Complex download
Suspended AnimationBarbiana Complex download
Angel DanceYear of The Dog download
CarelessYear of The Dog download
She Stole My StarYear of The Dog download
Year of The DogYear of The Dog download

Mondongo (Aldo Noboa - TD's Guitar)

Media TitleAlbumFileAlt Format
Better Than YesterdayMondongo download
ChunkyMondongo download
I KnowMondongo download
I Know (Pt 2)Mondongo download
My FriendMondongo download
Raining All The TimeMondongo download

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